How to measure for a suit

What you will need
1. Measuring tape.
2. Take all our measurements in inches.
3. A well fitting Shirt, Pants (NO Jeans) and Shoes.

CHEST : Measure around your chest, making sure the tape is high up right below your under arms.

WAIST : Measure around your waist part of your waist, while breathing normally.

HIP : Measure around the widest point of your hips.

SHOULDER : Measure from the point where your shoulder meets your arm, Across to the other point of the shoulder.

Making sure the tape is high crossing the base of neck.

SLEEVE : Measure from the end of the shoulder to the base of the thumb.

Approximately 1 inch below the wrist.

LENGTH : Measure from the highest point of the shoulder (Close to the neck) straight down to the desired jacket length.

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